Studying drums online

The same rates apply for online lessons as they do in-person.

Access to your own drum kit (whether acoustic or electric), smart device or laptop and wi-fi are essential, with a good side view of you at your kit (similar to my set-up below). The rest is easy!

I regularly supply students with PDF sheets and in a lot of instances, videos to help you remember particular exercises and techniques, which helps make learning easier and more memorable when from a distance.

Here’s an example camera setup:

Get in touch

Please contact me here for recording enquiries and I’ll get right back to you.

Or you can call on 07922 880418.





    Online lessons / Aged 7

    I live in North Yorkshire so I have my lessons on my iPad. Camille is really cool and funny and kind, her lessons are always fun and I have learned loads. Even though Camille doesn't teach me in real life, she still sends through music sheets and videos to help me when I practise.



    Online lessons / Aged 15

    Camille is not only an amazing teacher, but a really lovely person too. Almost all of my lessons are online, but I don’t feel like I learn any less online than I do in person. She has made me feel more confident in myself as an LGBTQ+ drummer.